2019 AID Summer
活動參加說明 (Admissions) >> Enrollment Guidelines

Essay or Personal Statement:
We are looking for a personal statement that will help us to know you better as a person and as a volunteer. Please write 1~2 pages 1.5 spaced autobiography or essay in English on a topic of your choice or on the options listed below with your application ID, name, and school on the top of the first page and upload it onto your account. The optional topics are:
1. What extracurricular or personal activities, work experiences, personal perspectives, or life experiences have been most meaningful to you?
2. Present your personal background and describe experiences that have had a significant influence on you.
3. Evaluate achievements or risks you have taken that are important to you.

Standardized Test Scores:
If you are a college student, you may fill in your SAT/PSAT scores from high school. If you are a high school student and have taken the tests, filling in your scores is highly encouraged. It is also highly recommended to upload your SAT or ACT transcript as one of your additional documents.

Health Insurance:
You must have a health insurance policy during this program. If you are not insured, you still can apply for the program. However, you should start searching for an insurance company that can issue a health insurance policy for a short period of time covering June 29 to July 27 of 2019. Fill in the name of the insurance company in the designated line of the application form.

Mailing application package to:
You will need to mail your application package to a registration office closest to your permanent address. The Registration Office page on this website has a list of addresses.

Language Level:
In order to mix volunteers with different language levels of proficiency in Chinese in each teaching group, please tell us your language level. There are four language proficiency levels, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior, in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) has defined these levels in its Proficiency Guidelines as in ACTFLProficiencyGuidelines2012_FINAL.pdf.

Attended Chinese School(s) name:
Fill in the name(s) of the Chinese school(s) that you attended with location(s) and the number of years attended in the following line. Leave the space blank if this does not apply.

Tour after teaching:
All admitted volunteers will automatically be assigned to the tour after the teaching weeks unless you select the option of No Tour Plan. Even if you have traveled all over Taiwan in the past, the tour is still highly recommended because of all the connections you will be able to make.

You need to order an official transcript including all cumulative grades from the institute(s) of your highest level of education ASAP and have the school send it directly to the designated culture center stated on the online application webpage. Please do so at least 1 week before the deadline. You will also need to upload an unofficial transcript to the online application form. You may scan or photograph your transcript and upload it as a .pdf or .jpg file. There are three file upload areas within the online application. If your transcript has multiple pages, you may choose to either upload the pages separately or combine them within one file as long as each file does not go over the max file size stated.

Current School and Current Grade:
Fill in the name of the school in which you are currently enrolled as a full time student. The Current Grade is the grade year at the time of filling out the application. If you are not currently enrolled at any school, please select “Others” and fill in additional information in the nearby space.

You may upload any optional documents that you believe will support your application. Examples include certificates or awards involving extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, volunteer servicess, college or graduate school admission letter, or SAT scores. You may scan or photograph the documents and upload it as a .pdf, .jpg, or .doc file. You may also use this space to load any extra transcript pages if your transcript has more than 3 pages.

Group Leader Opportunity (College or Graduate Students):
If you select yes to this question and if you are chosen for this position, you will also receive a certificate at the end of the program attesting to your leadership service.

Documents received status:
We will continuously update the status of your application and the date various documents were received as the application process proceeds.

Saving and Submitting the Online Application:
The online application may be finished in multiple sessions, but remember to save your work. Once the application is submitted however, changes can no longer be made.